Emily Wurramara

Emily Wurramara

Emily Wurramara

A prolific song-writer and multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, piano and ukulele,
Emily Wurramara is a young Aboriginal woman who has been writing songs since she was 6. Singing in both English and Annandilyakwa, the traditional language of her home, Groote Eylandt.

Emily has performed at numerous events and festivals in Queensland and the Northern Territory, including: Woodford Folk Festival, Clancestry, Island Vibe, Garma Festival, The Gathering, Kaleidoscope Festival, Singout Sista and a number of Harmony Day, Sorry Day and NAIDOC events. Additionally, as part of BEMAC's Ethno project, Emily has performed in Sweden and France and across regional Queensland.

As a young Indigenous woman from the Northern Territory, it is really important to me to be able to share my culture and language through my music. I have been writing songs and performing since before I was 12 and last year I teamed up Saraima Navara and Yarum Sandy as
Black Smoke.

Together we perform in both English and Annandilyakwa, the traditional language of my home, Bickerton and Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory. With me on guitar, keys and ukelele, Saraima on guitar and percussion and Yarum, a Garawa / Mununjali / Badjtala cultural performer, on didgeridoo and tapsticks, we are Black Smoke.

Over the past few years, we have performed at a multitude of Festivals, including Woodford Folk Fest, Clancestry, Stylin Up, NAIDOC, and supported artists such as Shellie Morris, Troy Cassar Dallie, Impossible Odds and more... Performed in Sweden, France, Croatia and across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

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PIRRA . Who they are and what they do might become obvious. Twin brothers Curtis and Jeffrey Argent (They're Identical twins)met their future singer to be, Jess Beck.
Affinities were formed, musical relationships sprouted and hankering bonds were made like a bird that's been out to sea for years and finally finds a tree branch to sit on. Least of all not forgetting their lead guitarist, James McKendry, who has been an integral part of the group since the beginnings

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