Who they are and what they do might become obvious soon enough but their promiscuous beginnings need be told. The band are tight, so tight in fact that when twin brothers Curtis and Jeffrey Argent met their future singer to be, Jess Beck, it was Jeffrey who made the first initial 2 yards only to have his brother take the extra 7 yards with no damaging consequence (They're Identical twins).

Yes affinities were formed, musical relationships sprouted and hankering bonds were made like a bird that's been out to sea for years and years and finally finds a tree branch to sit on. Least of all not forgetting their lead guitarist, James McKendry, who has been a strong mediator for this family affair as well an integral fold of the group since the bands beginnings right throughout their dynamic transformations to today. It's also worth mentioning that he's an aspiring musical genius.

Through years of simmering in the cauldron, Pirra have successfully blended their influences into a hearty broth of their own distinct flavour. From the lush melodies of Kimbra, hooky riffs of the Arctic Monkeys, rock solid beats of Led Zeppelin and the reggae influenced grooves of Men at Work. They blend the poignancy and freshness of modern artists, with the charm of the old. The irresistible grooves combined with a subtle complexity, seems to reflect the multi-cultural society in which they live.

"Jazz-inflected, alternative indie-pop, segueing to reggae. It's a highly distinctive, fresh sound."" AUSTRALIAN STAGE Oct 2013

Apart from spending their spare time learning Doth-Raqi, the group is on the proverbial cuff of releasing their debut Ep, Self-titled, under their new name. The four tracks were produced by Jerry Spieser, one of the founding members of Men at Work, a figure whom has become something of a mentor for the band in recent months.

The single 'Rose Coloured Glasses' has been gaining positive traction on the J's and named one of the top 12 songs of the week by Double J as well as coming in under the top ten in the Great Southern Charts, Airit. 2014 will see Pirra take on their first national tour visiting Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

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Last Month's Talent


Tiddas . Originally the three women, Amy Saunders (a Gunditjmara woman from Portland), Lou Bennett (a Yorta Yorta woman from Echuca) and Sally Dastey (from West Heidelberg) combined their vocal talents as backing singers for Aboriginal band Djaambi, led by Saunder's brother Richard Frankland in 1990.

The group were invited to perform at a musical celebration for women's artistic achievement, 'Hot Jam Cooking', in Richmond, Victoria. Their performance was well received and inspired Ruby Hunter, Archie Roach's partner, to dub the trio Tiddas, which is Koori English for the word sisters.

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