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As a founding member, rhythm guitarist Alan (Wiggi) has developed his own unique style, as you would after playing for more than 20 years, "Yep, its still good fun playing band we started touring the remote community schools and Derby town as kids, then after we left school it just kept going!" Alan is a Walmajarri man and Ex-Chairperson of his beloved Kurnangki Community in Fitzroy Crossing, his favourite pastimes are card playing (ahem! its Gambling) and hunting for bush tucker, weather it's goanna, bush turkey, kangaroo or barramundi you name it, put it in front of him and he'll eat it. While country music is strong in his heart, it's not his only passion, "I love playing rock'n'roll, it's all about energy, gets the blood pumping!" said Alan admittedly.

Danny grew up on Brooking Springs cattle station 10 km out of Fitzroy Crossing and went to a boarding school in Perth for years 11 and 12. "This opened my eyes up to the ways of the modern world," recalls Danny. Self taught on drums he managed to score a guitar and a few tips from an older cousin (Nimrod) and from there was only focussed on being the best. "My music is a big part of my life, I don't think about much else really, I'm forever running songs and riffs through my head". Danny's song writing and guitar work form the basis of the band, the lyrics are about his and the Kimberley lifestyle.

Acoustic guitarist Victor (Lane) is brother to Danny and Uncle to Waylon, who are all Bunaba men from the Darlngunaya Community in Fitzroy Crossing and is a welcome sight on board for the current line up. Daron came up to me one day and asked if I knew all the band songs 'cos he wanted to try me out on an acoustic to smooth the sound out a bit" and the rest they say is history. For most of Victor's younger years he had his mind set on "working the cattle stations for a while, then coming into town and try'n my best at the rodeos". When not touring "all over the place Victor likes nothing more than "sittin' down the oval watching the local footy. At home I like to listen to a bit of Slim Dusty, a bit of country and well you know a bit of everything really!"

Waylon had grown up with a baptism of fire. He is singer Danny Marr's eldest son and is also accoustic guitarist Victor's nephew. Waylon had grasped opportunities to perform intermittently with the band as a professional since the age of fourteen. He always dreamt of being able to play band with his father. His father couldn't be more prouder either. In his role as the drummer Waylon provides a strong and healthy air of vitality enabling him to drive the band into another generation.

Bass player Daron (Baldy) has been instrumental (get it?) in his drive to see FITZROY XPRESS get to the top, "I couldn't believe it when I saw this band play for the first time, 2 year old kids are singing along to the songs". So realising there was a need for solid tour and business management, he got stuck into arranging it and things have now started to look up a little, including the release of the album "LITTLE BIT OF COUNTRY, LITTLE BIT OF ROCK'N'ROLL" and now "HOME SWEET HOME". "The Kimberley lifestyle is very laid back and you can't worry if things don't happen". Daron is a whitefella with ancestry from Ireland and moved to Fitzroy Crossing in 1992, he loves music with a good positive beat and believes everyone can get what they want out of life, 'you just have to believe".

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