Genre: Hip Hop, Indigenous
Region: South East, NSW
Members: TooDeadly & Wizz
Sounds Like: Dead Prez, UMC's
Influences: Koolism, Marley fam,
• Influences: Paul Kelly

Stik 'N' Moove

the unseen truth. Continuing an unbroken tradition of oral literacy, Stik n Move is the wild style manifestation of an ancient culture's modern form. Mashing wisdom and tradition with progress, Stik n Move is the iron fist in a velvet glove, jamming the system. No Vaseline!...


Stik n Move is brothers TooDeadly and Wizz coming out of Queanbeyan NSW. The brothers have been honing their production, writing and performance skills individually in their community and the underground scene for over a decade.
Queanbeyan hip hop crew Stik n Move took out the award for Most Promising New Talent in Music at September's 2013 Deadly Awards at the Sydney Opera House.

Brothers-in-law Michael Weir and Nathan Carter have been around the underground hip hop scene as solo acts for over a decade, but have been performing together as Stik n Move since 2012.

"Nathan and I have known each other for a long time but performing together for less than a year, so to win was a really big surprise," Michael said.

"It was something that he and I had both thought about being involved in and, and something I thought about growing up."

"I used to get the Deadly Vibe Magazine at school and would think it would be great to be in that magazine and to win an award someday."

With their edgy brand of hip hop and their empowering messages, Stik n Move are promoting the important role of culture in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's lives. Closing the Gap in Indigenous disadvantage is only possible by building on the strength of Indigenous culture and identity.

"Our people have always used music and art to share their stories and knowledge and we are just doing the same," Michael said. "It is not just about teaching our people, we also want to educate the broader community about the things that have happened in the past, and about our history."

Michael and Nathan are proud of their cultural heritage, and try to incorporate it into their music as much as possible. "We are inspired by our people and their resilience, and the things that they have overcome," Michael said.

"Hip hop is the 'in' thing for the young mob and we can teach stories through our music." Michael had some advice for other young people pursuing their dreams. "At first we weren't really being proactive about it, we were just plodding along but we made a decision to make it happen, and we did," he said.

"We decided to commit to it, and dedicate the time, and work hard to achieve our goals. "We just stick to what we know, stick to what we're passionate about. We want to be a good representation of who we are and represent our family and people in a positive way," Michael said.

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