Ruby Hunter

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Ruby Hunter

Ruby Charlotte Margaret Hunter (31 October 1955 - 17 February 2010) was an Australian singer and songwriter. She was a member of the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal nationality, and often performed with her partner, Archie Roach, whom she met at the age of 16, while both were homeless teenagers.
Ruby received two ARIA Award nominations, for Best Indigenous Release for Thoughts Within in 1995, and Best Blues & Roots Album for Feeling Good in 2000, respectively.

Ruby won Deadlys in 2000 for Female Artist of the Year, 2003 for Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music and 2004 for Excellence in Film & Theatrical Score.
She made her acting debut in "One Night the Moon" with Archie Roach and Paul Grabowsky. she wrote and performed the concert "Ruby's Story", which tells her life story through song and spoken word.

In 2005, Hunter was invited by Deborah Conway to take part in the Broad Festival project, with three other Australian female artists, they performed their own and each other's songs. With Hunter and Conway were Sara Storer, Katie Noonan and Clare Bowditch.

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