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Jay Davis Trio

Starting as trio, they now have as many as 8-10 people on stage, utilizing many types of instrumentation and styles. Their independence has allowed them to explore and incorporate from unexpected sources, resulting in a sound uniquely their own.

Began as an actual trio with Julio Davis/vocals, Dave Smith/bass & Tone Aimone/drums, they realized that in order to play live, they needed another element.

Paula Pergl came and provided flute for awhile. When she left, she was soon replaced by long time member, mulit-instrumentalist, Dave Winer.

The latest band for former Slycology front man and Taree Aboriginal community leaders delivers fresh and funky family friendly rock. Jay's set will feature all original material featuring a melodic base underpinning lyrics that communicate messages of inclusiveness.

Growing up in Taree in a family of five kids Jay is a talented visual artists, author, actor, teacher as well as accomplished musician. He grew up on blues and roots, being influenced by the likes of Credence Clearwater Revival, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley, the Funk Brothers, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Living Colour. The music from the 60's to late 70's has a special place in his heart as Jay believes the lyrical content is more meaningful than some later music.

Moving to Sydney in the early 1990's Jay joined the band Circle of Fate -a fusion funk band. The band was considered well ahead of its time as the sound was new to Australia and at a time when grunge was king! Disbanding in the late 90's, Jay went on to form Slycology, an acclaimed funk & soul outfit. After a successful run with that band the Jay Davis Trio was formed.

Jay's mission is to promote the culture and of Taree and the surrounding region, showing the beauty of our country and lifestyle through music, art, wit and honour to the great tributary called the Manning. Jay believes that art is a true reflection of his spirit and that when he is painting, sculpting, playing music or writing or performing comedy he expresses this.

He believes that Australians are searching for their cultural identity and that comedy, music and art are great mediums for the education of a nation.

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Last Month's Indigenous Artist Sue Ray

Sue Ray

Origin: Toowoomba, Queensland
Genres: Roots
Years Active: 2000 - present
Sounds Like: Martha Wainwright, Feis
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Influences: Cris Isaac, Gillian Welsh
Website www.sueray.com

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