Col Hardy

Col Hardy

Name: Col Hardy
Born: 27 December 1963 (age 48)
Orign: Hermannsburg, NT
Genre: Country Music
Instruments: Guitar
Website: Col

Col Hardy

Col Hardy was the first Aboriginal artist to win a Golden Guitar at
Tamworth's Country Music Awards and is still a role model through his performances.
"He was born and raised in a little country town called Brewarrina, in north west New South Wales - only a little place but there's a history," The 1973 Golden Guitar was a surprise, then, even though it came after Col's 1962 move to Sydney to chase a music career. "I was about 20 then,"" he recalls," and when I arrived in Sydney, looking at all the traffic and trains and planes, I was thinking I might take off back to Brewarrina.
"But I thought if I went back I'd be letting my people down so I better stay down here and do the best I can!" Col's best proved pretty good and he became known as the gentle giant of country-soul. That came after a NAIDOC organiser in the 1960s recorded him singing in Brewarrina and got him to travel to Sydney to have a go at a music career.
As thanks of sorts, Col still has an involvement with NAIDOC, through his music, and he's proud of the role he's played in helping to pave the way for Aboriginal country music artists that have followed him.

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