Miss Hood

Meriki Hood is a strong Aboriginal Kunai and Gunditjmara woman from the eastern and western districts of Victoria. She has been in the hip hop and urban rap seen for the past 10 years starting song writing and composing music at the age of seventeen.

She considers her music as a way of reaching out to her people and showing them anything is possible when you follower your dreams. Meriki also met her best friend and father of her beautiful daughter Lyrik while performing on stage in 2003.

She has completed over 6 years of music studies including business and management skills. She has complete two Songlines mentorship programmes, participated in Framework song writing and producing courses and also has certificates 1, 2, and 3 through Bunjil Music Projected while working closely with Mushroom Marketing one of the leading sectors of Mushroom Records.

Meriki's dedication to developing her craft also saw her complete her certificates 2 and 3 in music production and sound engineering. She has also co-hosted the Koori Survival and Hip Sister hip hop shows on 3CR radio and its Payback Time on 3knd Radio station. She has coordinated countless music song writing and radio workshops from the indigenous youths and troubled teens of Victoria.

Meriki has been very committed to the Aboriginal community for the past 9 and a half years participating in fund raising events and performing free support acts for the opening aboriginal organization and raising cultural awareness. She also likes to practice what she preaches by not drinking or smoking and voicing her opinion in two strong heartfelt songs based on the negative effects of drugs and alcohol and the devastating consequences that it has on the youth and young families today she definitely feels that this is a big step in the right direction for being a roll model in the Aboriginal community.

Meriki Hood has also been a Involved with IHHP( Indigenous Hip Hop Projects) Traveling to remote Aboriginal Community’s all across Australia teaching Indigenous kids how to write songs, make up dance routines and making film clips.

With over a decade of experience under her belt she has definitely proven a force to be reckoned with. Meriki with her amazing sounds and mixture of hip hop, rap, R'n'B and soul, she is certainly in her element when she's on stage.

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