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Slow Cooked Beef & Bacon Pie

cooking 8.5 hours Makes 6 slices

Healthier Than Store Bought✓ Low Sugar ✓


800grms Diced beef
2 tsp. Minced Garlic
1 cup Beef Stock
1 tin tomatoes with basil and garlic
2 tbsp. Tomato paste
1 tsp. Mixed herbs
1 cup Diced bacon
1 sheet Shortcrust pastry
2 sheets Puff pastry
1 egg Whisked lightly
3 tbsp. Instant gravy powder
1 dash Red wine


1. Add the diced beef to the slow cooker. In a jug combine the beef stock, tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, 1 tsp. of the garlic and the mixed herbs. Also add 3 tablespoons of instant gravy powder.

2. Mix until all combined and pour over the beef and add the dash of red wine. Slow cook on low for 8hrs.

3. After 8 hours pre heat the oven to 180deg and get your pie dish ready. Add the shortcrust pastry to the bottom of the pie dish.

4. Then sauté your bacon with the remaining teaspoon of garlic. Once that is cooked set aside. Add the beef to the pie dish on top of the pastry. Add the bacon and cover with the puff pastry. Any remaining pastry you can make shapes to add on top of the pastry already assembled on the pie. Brush with the egg and cook for 30 mins and enjoy!

* * * NOTES * * *

You could add veggies to this if you wanted to or just serve them on the side depending on taste. Also you could change the meat to Lamb and add Rosemary for a different texture.

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