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Making Waves

The Making waves - Singer Songwriters compilation unveils Glenn Skuthorpe's compelling lyricism and parades the soaring vocals of Casey Donovan; brandishes the country charm of Adam James and the soulfully disarming sounds of Radical Son; reveals Sharon Lane's emotive ballads, Dewayne Everettsmith's gift of storytelling and introduces L.J. Hill and Krista Pav as fresh new sounds in contemporary music.

Rising Indigenous singer songwriters, Dan Sultan, Leah Flanagan and Sharnee Fenwick have two tracks each on the new CD, making it a "must have" compilation of current sounds by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians.

Making waves - Singer Songwriters is the powerful debut from Gadigal Music, a label developed by Indigenous music professionals for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander singers, musicians, writers, producers and sound engineers to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Making Waves - Compilation

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Available for purchase AUD $24.95 (inc. GST) - click here

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