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Sing the Song

NEIL MURRAY first appeared in the early eighties as a founding member of the Warumpi Band, which over three albums (Big Name, No Blankets, Go Bush, Too Much Humbug) and twenty years of performing propelled contemporary indigenous music into mainstream Australia, yielding such classic songs as
My Island Home,
Blackfella Whitefella,
Fitzroy Crossing,
Jailanguru Pakarnu,
Stompin Ground,
From the Bush
and Waru.

Neil Murray has since become one of Australia's most respected and influential singer/songwriters and has enjoyed a solo career since 1989. He has released twelve solo albums
"Calm & Crystal Clear"
"These Hands"
"The Wondering Kind"
"Going The Distance"
"About Time" (a 2CD retrospective compilation)
"2Songmen" (live with Shane Howard in Darwin)
"Sing the Song- the essential Neil Murray"
and his latest release "Bring Thunder & Rain".

Neil Murray's song writing is diverse - from the rollicking "Good Light in Broome", to the environmental urgency of "Burning land" to the prayerful "Native Born", the roots groove of "Long Grass Band", the endurance of love in "Over the Moon", the journeyman monologues of "Lights of Hay" and "Where my people go", the reflection on mortality in High On a Hill, and the contemplation of place in Burrumbeep Hill and Tjapwurrung Country. His work collectively describes an inner landscape to the heart of the nation - a journey which has done much to deepen and strengthen Australia's contemporary musical heritage.

Neil Murray - Sing the Song

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