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Archie Roach - Charcoal Lane

Guitar-driven folk songs backed by a beautifully minimal of keys, accordian and strings, Charcoal Lane is exemplary narrative songwriting from Archie Roach. Took The Children Away is a stand-out on this album of heart-wrenching, socially-guided songs. Essential.

Institutionalised, and then fostered, the Archie Roach story has been well documented. A former homeless alcoholic, Archie Roach recorded his first record, Charcoal Lane, in 1990 with Paul Kelly as producer. The album contained Took the Children Away, a song that dealt with Archie's personal experience as one of what is now called the 'stolen generation' of Aboriginal people. The album won two Aria Awards and a Human Rights Award - the first time a Human Rights award has been awarded to a songwriter. It was also in the US Rolling Stone's Top 50 albums for 1992 and achieved gold status in Australia.

Archie Roach - Charcoal Lane

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