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Fitzroy Xpress

Danny Marr was a teenager when he got together with some mates and formed a country rock band called Fitzroy Xpress.
Now over 30 years later, the band has released their fourth album called Hard Times.

It's music with a message about life in the Central Kimberley around the town of Fitzroy Crossing. "When I have a look at the lives that happen to a lot of Aboriginal people in communities, how they're all struggling and a lack of education for some of them... It just gets so hard at home." Danny says. "I hope that people will listen to it and appreciate what the song is all about."

It's the band's first album since Home Sweet Home won the 'Best Album' category at the 2005 Deadly Awards. As well as more experience, the band is benefiting from digital communications. "The first two albums we did in Broome and we didn't have much involvement in the mixing of the songs..." Danny recalls. "Having this 'drop-box' on the computer...to send up the music... We could have it up here in an instant."

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