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Messages & Memories

Adam James Messages & Memories
Young indigenous singer/songwriter ADAM JAMES was released back in 2007 as his debut CD Messages & Memories.

With vocal coach mentor VENETTA FIELDS (responsible for the vocal guidance to 2005 Australian Idol Winner KATE D'ARAUGO), Adam's vocal interpretation is mature yet still retains the easy flowing delivery that country music is famous for.

With the superb production by STUIE FRENCH and some of Australia's best musicians behind him, Adam's music has an effortless feel.

The debut single Many Who Pretend opens the album; a track about living life real and being true to the fire within.

The Country Singer tells of the lure of a musician's life. THE FLOOD's KEVIN BENNETT joins with Adam both in writing and in duet for My Own Best Friend.

Kevin also co-wrote "Letter To Nana" and "Country Blues" with Adam.

There are only eight tracks to this album but it certainly leaves you wanting to hear more from this talented young man.
Available from www.adamjames.com.au and iTunes

Messages & Memories

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