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Archie Roach
& The Black Arm Band

Into The Bloodstream

Archie is Australia's beloved, respected and admired Aboriginal singer/songwriter with a voice and sensibility that is this country's most important song line. In 2010 he suffered immeasurably. Most will know by now that the venerable and dignified performer, who captured the hearts and minds of a nation in 1990 with Charcoal Lane and the landmark song Took The Children Away, lost his partner and soul mate Ruby Hunter; She was only 54. Later that year Archie himself suffered a stroke, which left parts of his body, including one of his hands, inert. In mid 2011 Archie was diagnosed with the early stages of lung cancer. He got half a lung removed and again went into heavy rehabilitation. INTO THE BLOODSTREAM is a triumphant return for a man who lost everything then lost some more but he has been bold enough to come back to the stage and the spotlight and tell us what he has learned.

Archie Roach & The Black Arm Band
Into The Bloodstream

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