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Jayne Denham

Jayne started 2013 off performing at 'All phones Arena' to the VIP's at Keith Urbans shows in Sydney. This will be the year Jayne will "get a little renegade" as she takes the show on the road promoting the new album and performing at Festivals, Rodeos and venues.
Jayne has built a reputation as a country music artist who brings a rock edge to her live performances with a string of top 10 hits since she arrived on the scene in 2007. From Truckies to farmers and everything in between, Jayne writes and sings the songs about the country she loves and the people on the land.


When last we heard from Jayne Denham she vowed to 'Shake this Town'. This time around she has her sights firmly set on shaking the very foundations of each town with her self-proclaimed style of RENEGADE COUNTRY.
Its one part rock, one part country and it's all proudly and loudly Australian. Jayne recognised the direction for her 3rd album and worked closely with award-winning producer Garth Porter to capture in the studio the excitement and electricity of her live performances.
Pulsing tracks like 'Renegade', Addicted to the Diesel' and 'Jam the Jam' are signs of new times and each is destined for the big stage, with strong hooks and a razor-sharp rock edge.
Fans of her previous releases will instantly relate to country party tracks, 'Cowgirls MIA' and 'Trick it Up', while 'Shelter' and 'Grew up Round Trucks' will melt hearts.
'This is Rodeo' is anthemic and 'Outlaw' is classic Aussie Lore, focusing on two of Australia's most famous female bushrangers.
Perhaps one of the most exciting tracks on the new release is 'Beyond City Lights', which pairs Jayne's vocals with those of Shannon Noll.
Noll penned the track with Lindsay Rimes and felt it was perfect fit for 'Renegade'

Addictive contents may lead to Renegade behaviour!


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