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(born 31 December 1984) is a country music artist who has had success in both her native Australia and in the United States. She was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, United States in 2004.

Alternative country and roots singer songwriter Catherine Britt will release her 5th studio album "Always Never Enough" on August 10th. Recorded at Cedar Creek Studios, in Austin, Texas the album features 13 new recordings. For this album Catherine co-produced with friend and fellow artist, Bill Chambers.
"I didn't think I was quite ready to make an album like "Always Never Enough" until now. I am convinced it takes several albums under the belt and some years of experience in the studio to have the conviction to make an album like this one. We recorded the whole album live in Austin Texas in 4 or 5 days with a dazzling band and a group of illustrious unforeseen guests and musician's due to an open door policy.
To be able to play a first time role as a producer, writer and musician and have everything turn out so coherent, raw and honest like it did makes me even more delighted. "Always Never Enough" is by far the optimum creation of my whole career and I just can't wait to get it out to the world!"" The new album includes "She Ain't Going No Where" a gorgeous collaboration with Country / Folk icon and master songwriter Guy Clark plus "Troubled Man" with good friend and indie front man Tim Rogers. It includes songs inspired by the work her cousin, Bess Nungarrayi Price, does fighting the unacceptable child sexual abuse and neglect in Northern Territory Aboriginal communities. Other songs explore topics such as Australian marriage equality, Catherine's own struggle with ADHD and depression and the plight of refugees coming to Australia. Always Never Enough is a personal and brave album. Others to appear include a who's who of Austin musicians: Gurf Morlix, Jimmy LaFave, Lloyd Maines, Eliza Gilkyson, Bobby Kallus, Glenn Schuetz, Phil Hurley, John Silva, Chip Dolan, Ray Bonneville and John Blundell.

Catherine Britt - "Always Never Enough"

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