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CD of the Month Roger Knox is an Australian country singer known as the Black Elvis and the Koori King of Country. He is an Gamilaroi man (a group of Indigenous Australians), was born in Moree and grew up in the Toomelah Aboriginal Mission near Boggabilla near the border between New South Wales and Queensland. In 1980s Knox was in a plane crash that killed his drummer Ken Ramsay.

Knox was badly burnt and got pain relief from a natural bath oil made from the Eura bush. That bush and the settlement on which his father was born were inspirations for the name of his band, the Euraba band.
Roger Knox was given the Jimmy Little Award for Lifetime Achievement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Music at the 2006 Deadlys.
Knox was scheduled to perform at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Illinois on October 10, 2009 with Jon Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts. However, his US visa was denied a week before the show and Knox did not make the trip.

Goin' On, Still Strong - Roger Knox

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